Two educational books on animal welfare distributed to schools in Malta and Gozo



Two educational books on animal rights and welfare are distributed free of charge to all primary schools in Malta and Gozo.

Both books, both written in Maltese and English, provide educational information on the proper treatment of animals in Malta, including references to applicable laws and the penalties incurred for breaking them.

Karl’s journey and the love of animals is a book on the five animal freedoms in story form and will be used in PSCD to teach fourth graders about the different types of animals found in Malta and their rights, as well as a directory of various dog sanctuaries and cats.

The second book, Our passion for animals, is aimed at sixth graders and includes more educational information such as laws and regulations to protect animals, including newly implemented legislation on carozzini. Students will first receive an interactive lesson during the PSCD lesson before receiving a copy of the book.

The books will be distributed to public schools, denominational schools and independent schools in Malta and Gozo as well as to public libraries.

“We must continue to create synergies and cooperate between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Animal Rights. It is important for us to make laws and enforce them, but education is the basis and the foundation, ”said Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana and Animal Welfare Commissioner Alison Bezzina were also present at the launch.

“Animal abuse stems from a lack of education. If we improve education on animal rights and welfare, we reduce the number of animal abuse cases, which in turn puts less pressure on the animal welfare department, ”he said. she declared.

Although the books were published under his direction, the project was commissioned by the previous curator, Dennis Montebello.

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