Thai preachers attend Al-Azhar education class



TEHRAN (IQNA) – The World Organization of Al-Azhar Alumni organized an online educational course for 50 mosque preachers and imams in Thailand.

According to, the month-long course, which was conducted via videoconference under the supervision of Ahmed el-Tayyeb, the imam of the Egyptian Islamic Center Al-Azhar, ended on September 3.

Jamal Abul-Sorur, head of the International Islamic Center for Population Studies and Research at Al-Azhar University highlighted the organization’s role in training preachers in the Muslim world based on methods of modern teaching and appreciated the efforts made to promote the skills of preachers. and knowledge.

He said preachers who take such courses can combat extremist thinking and spread moderate Islam in their countries.

Osama Yasin, deputy of the official council of the Al-Azhar Graduates Organization, said the organization was doing its best to achieve its goal of carrying Al-Azhar’s message to all preachers, clerics and imams mosques in the Muslim world.

Faisal Leevan, head of the Thai branch of Al-Azhar, also thanked the organization for its role in countering extremism and prejudice and in spreading moral virtues and coexistence around the world.


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