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My own mother first told me about The Teach me store years ago. Her old location was near her home and she discovered it at a grocery store.

My mother, a retired teacher, appreciated the wide range of educational toys, games and books offered by the store. I loved discovering things that I couldn’t find and didn’t even know existed for my oldest daughter, who was just a toddler at the time.

It quickly became our favorite stopover for Christmas and birthday presents. We always make sure to check out the science section, which has some great experimentation kits and projects (perfect for those with a science fair in their future) and all the games.

A few years ago, I met store owner Diane Weisbrodt, mother of three and grandmother, when I wrote an article about the store in my former job. The store was moving to a much larger space on Spring Forest Road, just off Capital Boulevard, at the time.

With the new open and bright space, Weisbrodt was able to expand the great offers it already had. Now there is just about everything for babies and toddlers up to ninth and tenth grade. You’ll also find a handful of small play areas for the kids to keep busy while you shop.

The store is popular with teachers, who find classroom supplies, crafts, science activities, and other resources. But it is also very popular with many parents looking for educational activities for their children. Even still, Weisbrodt tells me, she regularly receives phone calls from parents wondering if they can shop at the store even if they aren’t teachers. (Yes, his answer is, they can).

Weisbrodt opened the store when his own children were very young. Weisbrodt, who went to college to become a teacher, was looking for good books, toys, and games for them. Her son and daughter-in-law now work with her, along with a handful of other staff, all of whom are teachers.

“I basically started it for my kids, but everyone needed it,” she said.

When it comes to finding merchandise for the store, Weisbrodt is usually not drawn to the hottest item of the day. She’s never sold Silly Bandz, those rubber bracelets that were all the rage last year.

“He has to teach the child something,” she told me. “They must get something out of it.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The Teach Me Store is open seven days a week. Go to his website to learn more.

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