Sindh government launched educational app amid COVID-19 pandemic



Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani announced last week that the provincial government was ready to launch an educational app that would be successful for students studying between Kindergarten and Grade 5.

At the press conference, the Minister of Education of Sindh said, “The app can be downloaded on Android devices. Through the app, students will be able to gain real-time experience similar to what they acquired in school. “

According to the minister, the application was developed because there is very less chance of reopening educational institutions because the COVID 19 pandemic is going well and does not seem to end anytime soon.

In the app, there is an online library with downloadable e-books that can be used by teachers and students. On top of that, the app also has a chat room that connects teachers with students. Students can also submit homework and take tests using this app.

The application will be fully controlled by the parents and they will be responsible for registering the children on this portal. According to the developers, Sindhi will also be added to the app very soon. Saeed Ghani added, “To this end, we have added more than 500 teachers in the province. Over time, however, we will continue to add things to it and improve the app.

The main objective of the app is to simulate the learning experience. The e-learning pilot has already started in the Mirpur Khas regions. The education minister also said that it would be difficult to reach even 50% of the class size at first, but over time the department will be able to rally around the students and improvise the experience. online learning.

In addition, cable operators in the region are also advised to run an educational channel for students 24/7, so that students can access classes 24 hours a day. Higher education thinks also to accumulate FM radio for educational purposes.

The app is known as the SELD Learning app by Muse and it can easily be downloaded through the Google Play Store.

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