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When Lisa Capella stumbled upon thousands of educational books in a school building waiting to be demolished, she knew something had to be done.

The books were abandoned at the local Albert Einstein Academy, which closed its campuses last year due to declining enrollment and financial constraints.

So, with the help of Glenn Terry, account manager at Valencia-based LBW Insurance, the two were able to find temporary accommodation for the books – Terry’s garage.

However, due to the sheer volume of books, Terry is now trying to find a way to give them away in bulk instead of giving them away individually.

“These books were about to be demolished with the building (Albert Einstein),” Terry said. “I didn’t want that to happen. I felt there was a cause.

As a member of the Rotary Club of Santa Clarita, which is a global network of leaders and problem solvers who come together to make positive and lasting change in the community, Terry said it was important for him to involve in something like this.

“This fell on my radar through Lisa and Intertex (property advisers),” Terry said. “These books could use a house before they demolish the building. “

With the help of Capella and Intertex Property Advisors, Inc. on behalf of Red Hook Charter School, LLC, Terry was granted permission to recover the books before the building was demolished.

With the help of other Rotarians, Terry then organized the use of a local real estate agent’s truck and took on the monumental task of boxing and hauling the books.

Terry estimates that there are nearly 2,000 textbooks for grades 1-6, including hundreds of brochures for new readers.
Terry inventoried the following list of textbooks:
To note: This list does not include the nearly 600 easy-to-read brochures.

– 81 Science A closer look
– 40 Integrated Sciences
– 20 Earth Space i Science
– 22 Reading Street
– 99 United States History Social St
– 14 interactive sciences
– 51 Our country and its regions
– 54 All Together Economy
– 28-digit accelerated math
– 11 Our Golden State Ca. Views
– 60 all together
– 36 History of people and places
– 16 Discovering our past history
– 12 Sciences
– 10 Notebooks Readers & Writers
– 26 out of dust
– 133 Reading Street lower level
– 34 Envision Maths
– 46 Science A closer look
– 41 Communities
– 21 scientific rocks
– 600 small, easy-to-read books
– 300 books of various texts and reading

But Terry said it had been difficult to find an organization to wholesale the books to. He has been in talks with officials from the Williams S. Hart Union School District and Real Life Church. But nothing has been formalized.

“It fell on my knees,” said Terry. “And I don’t want these books to be wasted.”

For more information or if you know of an organization willing to get these books in bulk, contact Glenn Terry at (661) 312-7268.

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