Oteil Burbridge Launches Unique Educational App Called ‘Join Ozone’



Eye Burbridge, two-time Grammy Award-winning bassist from The Allman Brothers and Dead & Company, has officially launched Join the Ozone, a new educational app that includes monthly LIVE calls with Oteil, pre-recorded lessons including: 6 levels of training from harmony, rhythm and a background in philosophy, untold stories, tips and tricks for surviving on the road, and much more.

Oteil Burbridge’s work with the Allman Brothers Band earned him two Grammy nominations for Best Rock Instrument in 2003 and 2004. In 2012, Oteil received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for his 15-year contribution to the Allman Brothers. Band as the oldest bassist. in the history of the group.

Oteil has achieved some of the highest levels of achievement in the music industry, and he has done it all without reading music. Join the Ozone will teach students to learn the shapes, patterns, and philosophies that made Oteil successful, and allow students to connect with Oteil in ways that were not possible prior to this application.

“The music is part mathematics, part technical and part emotional,” Burbridge explains. The question is why and how is this possible? How do mathematics and physics soak up intention and emotion? “

For more from Oteil on why this platform is the best way to connect with him, watch the video below.

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