Next-generation educational app HOLO12 elevates biology learning to extraordinary levels through immersive learning based on augmented reality



The HOLO12 app redefines the conventional online learning industry with immersive learning content based on augmented reality.

DUBLIN, IRELAND, November 23, 2021 / – A new educational app is set to revolutionize online learning with a cutting-edge immersive experience based on AR technology. Entitled “HOLO12”, the application is specially designed to allow learners to have a realistic view of biology subjects through 3D models on an augmented reality-based platform while having access to the full course program and self-assessment tests on a single application.

In an exclusive interview, Siobhan Leonard and Cathal Leonard, the founders of HOLO12, shared that they are determined to take the science learning experience to an extraordinary level with their next-generation educational app. The HOLO12 team is supported by a team of world-class educators as well as leading experts in the fields of AR creation, interactive web technology, video production, digital creation, animation and motion graphics.

“Straddling the line between the bleeding edge and the cut edge is a very delicate balancing act. With one foot in the metaverse and the other on this side of reality, HOLO12 strikes the right balance in this high-flying act. Our highly innovative and practical solutions engage learners with augmented reality models and courses that cover the entire curriculum in breathtaking detail for a global audience.

“HOLO12 is designed to redefine the traditional online learning industry with a new way to learn. We have leveraged the power of the most innovative, inclusive and powerful learning tool today – augmented reality – to introduce a unique and more effective learning platform for biology students ”, said the founders.

According to statements from the founders of HOLO12, they capitalized on the power of “enriched visual learning” with the app, as the visual experience was found to be more effective in understanding any subject or subject compared to simple textual experience. The app can be used on smartphones and tablets. HOLO12 allows learners to use the smartphone as a microscope to study complex plant and animal life in amazing 3D AR models for a more realistic experience.

“Our cutting-edge app enables students to experience augmented reality models with interactive educational content on the web that covers national and local programs, creating a more engaging and fun learning experience. You can use the app to continue your biology lessons anytime, anywhere.

“Our AR models will allow students to take a closer look at living things of all sizes and kinds, from tiny microbes to giant elephants and plants. A microscopic view would help elevate their understanding of major biological concepts and scientific facts. Our app will make it possible to watch a flower fully blossom or take a closer look at the complex physiology of microorganisms, something that has never been viable with traditional online education apps, until now. In addition to the practical aspects of the lessons, HOLO12 also covers scientific theories and basic principles of biology to also strengthen students’ theoretical knowledge.

All course units are followed by self-assessment tests so that students can monitor their progress.

Main features of HOLO12:

● Revolutionary immersive learning experience
● Covers local and national study programs in stunning detail
● Interactive lessons for a more engaging learning experience
● All courses accompanied by AR models
● Self-assessment tests at the end of each unit for easy monitoring of progress

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