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Started in Wuhan, China, and has now put the world on edge, the coronavirus is heard everywhere. Times are really tough for people, industries, manufacturing, healthcare and all other businesses around the world. Some businesses are totally shut down, some are still surviving, while some businesses are on the verge of success. Now, that doesn’t mean they hope the virus continues, but it’s a kind of magic that works for them. One such industry is the development of online education apps.


Since children are not allowed in school, teachers have adapted the digital mode to bring education to children. According to a report by Statistical, education is the second category in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand for educational apps is set to increase even after the lockdown ends and the world returns to normal. Well, it won’t be like before, but we can call it the new normal, and educational apps will be a big part of that. The coronavirus is changing educational app trends in many ways.

Here are some of the reasons teachers and students prefer online education:

Video tutoring

During the first days of the lockdown, education was at a standstill. But it can’t be the same, so teachers took the initiative and started video tutoring for students. This way, students can learn sitting at home. They can continue their studies without any hindrance to video tutoring through a mobile application for education.

Online Classes

Thanks to a mobile application, the teacher can create a room and give the code to the students to join the room. Once the teacher and students are in the same room, the teacher can teach online and resume studying. They can host online classes daily and continue to teach and learn uninterrupted. It is one of the most effective ways of learning during the corona pandemic.

Online homework

When there is learning, there are duties and duties. With an educational application, the teacher can give the assignment to the students online. The same goes for students; they can also submit the assignment through the app only. Teachers can also give feedback for the assignment, ask students to re-upload it.

Group chat

A group can be created in the app with students, teachers and parents. Communication becomes very smooth and easy with a group chat feature of the education mobile app. Parents can ask teachers about back to school, homework, attendance, vacations, and more. Teachers can also make an announcement in the group and let them know about the students and their parents.

Education Questionnaire

A quiz is always interesting and when mixed with education it’s a really fun way to learn things. Quiz adds an element of competition. Students can choose a random opponent in the quiz or they can choose someone in particular. Students will be thrilled to know more and learn better just to win against the quiz opponent. It can work as a push button for students who don’t like to study. Online education does what traditional education cannot.

Raising and resolving doubts

With an online education app, students can remove any doubt about any subject taught by teachers. Teachers can resolve doubts through the app and continue with studies. It is very natural for students to have doubts and with this feature, teachers can guide them in the right direction.

Have notifications

With an education mobile app, students can get push notification and stay informed about online class time, vacation, test schedule, doubt resolution time, parent-teacher meeting. Neither students nor parents have to look in the app for the details. A push notification will reach them with each new information about online teaching.

Performance report

Students, teachers, and parents can track a student’s performance through the report. The report includes online course attendance, test and quiz performance, improvement remarks, and all other necessary details.

Is it the right time to develop an educational app?

In this time of crisis, mobile app development has helped people with a lot of things and they have created a place in people’s hearts and in their lives. The convenience of mobile apps has made people accustomed to using them. So even after the lockdown is over and hopefully the coronavirus is gone, the use of mobile apps will continue. This definitely means that now is the right time to develop the educational app. Here are the education app’s revenue figures that will prove the time is right.

Global Education Market Application


Market in millions of dollars













Source: Statistical

These were the estimated revenue figures for the educational app before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. During the pandemic, the demand for apps has increased and is expected to increase even after everything is back to normal. Mobile app development has made education fun. The digital route has proven to be a useful tool for learning. The sector has become popular and also in high demand. Which means that there is a good chance of generating good income. Do you know the proverb, “strike the iron when it’s hot”. This is perfectly the case with the education app during the crisis.


Stop spending time thinking. Become an opportunist and seize the opportunity to develop an educational app now. You have seen the benefits of this application, the demand for this category, as well as the revenue forecast for this sector. All you have to do is decide on the platform, choose the features, find a good educational app development company, and develop your app.

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