ICSI RVO launches training course on “Valuation of securities or financial assets”



The field of appraisal, as a field of activity, is still untapped, requiring the presence of experts with the appropriate knowledge and skills, which makes it possible to realize that corporate secretaries as professionals in India can provide much needed support both as members of ICSI and by deploying a significantly strong army of assessment members.

ICSI Registered Valuers Organization (ICSI RVO), a Section 8 company, is incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 and recognized by IBBI to enable ICSI members, other professionals and eligible persons to register as registered assessors.

The goal of ICSI RVO is to enroll, educate, train and promote the profession of Registered Appraiser in accordance with Company Rules (Registered Appraisers and Appraisal), 2017.

Taking a first step towards achieving its goal, ICSI RVO today launched its training course on “Valuation of Securities or Financial Assets” in the hands of Shri Ashish Kumar Chauhan, Managing Director and CEO of the ‘ESB at BSE International Convention Hall, Mumbai. Unveiling the ICSI RVO course, Shri Ashish Kumar Chauhan said, “Assessment is complex and controversial. It varies from person to person. The assessment is contested because the question arises of what to assess.

It is important to value an asset on sound principles, as PSU banks have faced NPAs due to a lax framework. The assessment framework will be useful in the context of the IBC. Congratulations to ICSI because from now on ICSI will be able to generate evaluation professionals. .

ICSI President CS Makarand Lele said: “While strengthening the existing brigade of professionals holding various designations, the Institute is constantly seeking new opportunities and creating endless possibilities for professionals, including including, but not limited to, members of this Institute. In one of these initiatives, the Institute had incorporated the organization of ICSI registered assessors and obtained registration with IBBI. I am extremely happy and encouraged to launch the training course on valuation of securities or financial assets ”. The launch was followed by a round table on the theme “Unlocking governance through evaluation – The role of company secretaries”. CS Ahalada Rao V., Vice-president, ICSI, Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, President, ICSI RVO, CS Ram Mohan Bhave, member, ICSI Task Force on Valuation, CS Chander Swahney, Partner & Head – Valuation and Biz Modeling, Corporate Professionals and MK Srinivas Rao, MD, Saffron Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd. participated in the discussion.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is a leading professional body established by an Act of Parliament, namely the Company Secretaries Act 1980, for the regulation and development of the profession of corporate secretary in India. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The Institute, being a proactive body, focuses on the best and best quality of education for students of the Corporate Secretary course and on the best quality standards for CS members. The institute has more than 55,000 members and around 3 lakh students to its credit.

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