HIMSSCast: An Educational Course to Advance Value-Based Care



Guests of the podcast Tray Cockerell and Avra ​​Bowers

Photo illustration: Jonah Comstock

Everyone is talking about value-based care, and everyone is saying it will happen soon. But when is it for? And what is values-based care, in particular? You may be familiar with the concept, but are you familiar enough to know how to change your workflow if your hospital announces a transition to value-based care tomorrow?

To address this information gap, Humana and the University of Houston launched a values-based care education course on Coursera earlier this year. Tray Cockerell, Director of Strategic Relations at Humana, and Avra ​​Bowers, Medical Director at Humana, join host Jonah Comstock to discuss the course, how it came about and why it is needed now.

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Discussion points:

  • How the values-based care course was born.
  • Define value-based care as more than a method of payment.
  • Value-based care as coordinated team care.
  • Proactive or Reactive Care – Prevent Poor Outcomes.
  • Limitations of fee-for-service around the social determinants of health.
  • What is the course for and who is it for?
  • Practical skills around value-based care for providers.
  • How to use the course if your organization has not yet made the transition to values-based care.
  • The importance of measuring and communicating metrics.
  • The role of technology in the future of value-based care.
  • The farewell thoughts of Tray and Avra.

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