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Wikipedia features lands that are currently part of North Korea as part of the ancient Han Dynasty. (photo: Wikipedia)

SEOUL, May 16 (Korea Bizwire)The Korea Volunteer Agencies Network (VANK), an internet-based organization, said yesterday that 16 well-known educational websites such as Britannica and Wikipedia have included the area of ​​the former Korean kingdom Goguryeo as part of the Han Dynasty. from China on their websites.

On Britannica’s official website (, the region referred to in Chinese history as the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC) included the region of Goguryeo ( 37-668 BC).

On its children’s website (, the area north of South Jeolla Province was also described as part of Han Territory.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia ( and the Ancient History Encyclopedia ( both present lands that are currently part of North Korea as part of the ancient Han Dynasty, shown on the world map.

The TimeMaps website ( ​​highlighted the lands north of Jeolla and South Gyeongsang provinces as Han owned.

Nations Online, a website that provides information on world history ( and Crossing the Ocean Sea ( indicate that most of Korea is the Han domain.

VANK suggests that it all has to do with China’s efforts to make Goguryeo a part of its own history. “If we don’t do anything about these cards, people all over the world will think Goguryeo is part of Chinese history.

This will later enable the youth of the world to support China’s “Northeast Project”. VANK intends to promote a digital world map that presents the history of Goguryeo and the territory of ancient Korean dynasties.

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