Criminally Studious Japanese Schoolgirl Caught Stealing Dozens Of Educational Books In One Night



Educators might applaud his motivation, but the the police arrested her anyway.

Both days have been busy for police in Japan, with noisy Halloween street parties in Tokyo leading to at least five arrests for offenses including trial and error and assault. But it’s not just the downtown nightlife areas where criminals have been apprehended this week, such as a bookstore in Hyogo Prefecture was also the scene of a crime.

On the evening of October 29, 18-year-old high school student walked into the bookstore in front of JR Akashi Station. After much research, she left without buying anything, but then returned to the store for her second visit between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.

This time, something about the way she moved around the store looked suspicious to one of the employees. When the staff approached the schoolgirl and examined her bag, they found it filled with books she was trying to steal. Police were summoned and the ensuing investigation revealed that she had already run away with 10 pounds from her first trip to the store that night, and in total had tried to steal 25.

So what kind of ill-gotten gains was the girl looking for? Manga, like the middle school student who was arrested as part of a two-person robbery team at another Hyogo bookstore earlier this year? Dirty magazines that she was too embarrassed to carry to the cash register?

Nope. Among the books she had stolen was one titled An interesting and easy to understand explanation of exponents and logarithms, and it was pretty much representative of the rest of his booty. The 25 pounds she had gained were study aids and educational reference books. It’s also not as if she plans to resell them at discounted prices, but for profit, to her peers either. When the police arrived and questioned her, she not only admitted to stealing the books, but said her intention was to use them herself to study, and that she had taken them because she did not have the money to buy them with.

While her level of academic enthusiasm is admirable, the total cost of the books she picked up comes to around 36,000 yen (US $ 320), which is more than what Japanese society is generally willing to regard as one. acceptable infringement of the law by young persons. . The girl was officially arrested on October 30, and while sentencing has yet to be passed, it is hoped that any court-ordered rehabilitation process will include an orientation at her local public library.

Source: Kobe Shimbun Next via Hachima Kiko
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