Best educational books for elementary school children



Keep children engaged and stimulated during confinement. These are the best educational books to buy for elementary school kids – and they’re all available online

Simple books to help your little ones learn at home

Now that the kids will be home at least for the foreseeable future, it’s important to keep them engaged and somewhat entertained for more than a few seconds.

If they’ve run out of movie lists, are tired of tablets, and you’re looking for ways to keep their minds active, there is a range of educational books online for all ages.

If you have a child of primary school age, it is a good idea to keep them posted on activities they would have been exposed to had they been in school.

Fortunately, there are many books available that contain tips and tricks for parents, as well as small activities and workshops to help them learn and have fun while doing so.

We’ve rounded up some of the top picks for primary ages below.

Best educational books for elementary school children

1. Write and Wipe – 100 Simple Spanish Words

Write and Wipe – 100 Simple Spanish Words

For just £ 2.50 your little one could essentially learn a whole new skill with this book from Write and Wipe.

The book contains 100 simple Spanish words for beginners to learn and practice writing.

Each word is illustrated and dotted to encourage younger children to form letters and trace comfortably.

Price: £ 2.50, The Works – buy here now

2. Problem solving and reasoning

Problem solving and reasoning

Metal reasoning and problem solving activities are great for starting your kids’ education from an early age. Not only does this give them the confidence to challenge learning, but it also helps children progress through all levels of learning.

With helpful questions and answers, the top-selling line gives parents the confidence to teach kids from home. It also gives toddlers a real sense of accomplishment as they progress through the book.

Price: £ 3.99, Amazon – buy here now

3. Humble Math – 100 days to tell the time

Humble Math – 100 days of reading the hour

Learning to tell the time accurately is a skill they’ll need for life – so why not start early?

This Humble Math book gives you 100 days of story telling, including word problems, hours, quarters of an hour, and minute questions; as well as opportunities to fill in the blanks.

Reading the time has become easier.

Price: £ 3.50, Amazon – buy here now

4. Descriptosaurus: Support creative writing

Descriptosaurus: Support creative writing

This is a great idea if you want to deviate slightly from the strict schedule. Support your child’s English learning while promoting their creative side; through the journey of creative writing.

The book provides children with a comprehensive resource, helping with their descriptive vocabulary. As they experiment with the language and structure of sentences, they will become more confident in constructing narratives based on settings, characters, and creatures.

The more you practice, the better their stories will be, you might have a future writer in the house.

Price: £ 23.97, Amazon – buy here now

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5. Multiplication tables

Build your child’s confidence in math with this colorful, illustrative book from Collins.

The workbook includes helpful questions and answers, while combining fun elements and bright colors.

Price: £ 3.99, Waterstones – buy here now

6. Spelling

Practice spelling in a fun way with bright colors, bold illustrations, and enough help for parents to support their child’s spelling skills at home.

Price: £ 3.99, Waterstones – buy here now

7. Cursive letter tracing: 100 practice pages

Cursive Letter Tracing: 100 Practice Pages

This book contains 100 practice pages for your child to practice their cursive writing.

The book includes a step by step guide to help with master letter formation, there are plenty of letters and words to practice with plenty of room for their own personal practice too.

Price: £ 3.50, Amazon – buy here now

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