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Airmen now have at their fingertips the opportunity to receive credits for learning about another country’s culture while simultaneously responding to the Air Force Chief of Staff’s order of action to understand the strategic competitors of the country.

This can be achieved by accessing the latest version of the Air Force Cultural and Linguistic Center ”s Application of the Air Force cultural guide.

Howard Ward, Director of AFCLC, unveiled version 2.0 of the application to a virtual audience on October 15, the last day of the Symposium on languages, regional expertise and culture of the Virtual University of Air 2021.

Ward described the updated app as a one-stop-shop for an accessible, relevant and impactful program in addition to the field guides on culture.

“It’s a delivery method that can deploy a program enterprise-wide, without being tied to the constraints of government systems, which is of particular interest to Total Force Airmen, and it’s designed to accelerate learning how to compete strategically by putting the “world class” of AFCLC in your pocket. ,” he said.

Shortly after its initial release in 2017, the Wall Street Journal recognized the original version as one of six must-have apps for business travelers.

Changes to the original app include:

Improved accessibility to AFCLC Field guides to expeditionary culture – Users no longer need to download one of the 69 guides to view their content. Touch the block containing the name of the guide to open it. In addition, seven new ECFGs are on the way.

Accelerated Learning for Strategic Competition – Tap the Course button at the bottom of the screen to view the first new course. The development of cultural competencies is designed to orient the user on what culture is, why it is important and how users can learn more about it as their careers progress. Two more courses will be available soon. These courses will allow each soldier to reach the staff of the air force. General CQ Brown, Jr.‘s Action Order C: Competition individually by learning the fundamentals of culture for understanding the adversary. Upon completion of these courses, users will receive a certificate ready to be uploaded to their learning folder, if applicable.

A video library will soon be available to further enhance learning capabilities on the go.

The application is available through the App Store and google play, and it is safe for the Ministry of Defense mobile devices. More than 20,000 people already use the application, and for these people, an automatic update to version 2.0 is now available.

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