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Educational websites abound on the internet for toddlers, but with so many sites available, it can be difficult for parents to know where to look to find the best ones for their little ones.

With traditional learning not an option for toddlers due to the pandemic, many parents have switched their toddlers to virtual learning. While nothing virtual can replace face-to-face preschool learning from a social and practical perspective, having resources available to help teach the concepts, from a cozy place in their house, is always beneficial. And because the curriculum is compiled by educators or people with academic training who know the best way to teach toddlers, the programs are specifically aimed at toddlers and how they learn so that they can get the most out of a program, whether academic or movement-related.

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Here are the best educational websites for toddlers.

ABC mouse

ABC Mouse is a great educational website for toddlers

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ABC mouse is a program that a toddler can start and work with until the age of eight. It offers participants a learning path that builds on concepts from previous lessons that are taught in songs, stories, puzzles and other formats. The best part is that learning is fun for toddlers and easy to understand and because the lessons are short enough, toddlers won’t be bored.

Extra-curricular school

Outschool is an educational site for toddlers

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Extra-curricular school is a learning platform that is taught through Zoom. No matter what subject interests the little one, there is something for everyone.

Outschool offers education, movement, art and language classes that are a one-to-one meeting to a series to follow. They last 15 to 45 minutes and move quickly so students take advantage of their time and don’t start to get excited.

The only note about Outschool is that, since it is a Zoom class, parents will at least need to be nearby so that if the microphone is to be used, they are there to help their little one.


Tinkergarten is a good educational site for toddlers

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Kindergarten was originally founded to teach children about the outdoors and have them work with their hands in a technology-free environment. However, with the pandemic, they had to adjust their learning model to virtually teach toddlers.

Students will work outdoors via Zoom with their facilitator Tinkergarten to explore the outdoors and make time spent there educational through play. And because the sessions are done via Zoom, toddlers will always have the opportunity to play. ” interact with others their age as well as work on their verbal skills by presenting projects made from what they have found in nature.

Other Goose

Other Goose is a good educational site for toddlers

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In a lesson that can be done when it suits the toddler’s schedule, Other Goose offers toddlers a full daily schedule. This program includes a 20 minute circle time, projects that cover the topics of math, creativity, reading, and free play that keep the toddler engaged.

Other Goose requires more parent interaction than other classes, which may not work for everyone. However, it is a great option for those who are available to help their little ones learn daily at home.

Falling stars

Starfall is a good educational site for toddlers

via Instagram / starfalleducation

Falling stars is a website that offers learning activities for toddlers that teach them letters, numbers, shapes, and more. Concepts are taught through videos, interactive games and readings that the little one can navigate on their own.

While Starfall does require a paid subscription like most other programs, there are some sections that are completely free for toddlers to try out and see if it’s right for them or not.

Funbrain Jr.

Funbrain Jr. is a good educational site for toddlers

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With several different learning sections available on Funbrain Jr., toddlers will be exposed to math, science, reading and more through age-appropriate games. The games are short so that if the little one does not want to participate in the games for a long time, he can continue for a few minutes and move on with his day.

Funbrain Jr. is free, which parents will love too.

Online scenario

Storyline Online is a great educational site for toddlers

via Instagram / fulcolibrary

Many concepts are taught through reading, which is why daily reading is encouraged for toddlers. As such, what better way to expose a toddler to more reading than to have them read by animated actors? Online scenario?

The books can be viewed whenever it is convenient for toddlers and all are free. It’s like having an accessible library with hundreds of titles, some of which will also change based on holidays.


GoNoodle is a good educational site for toddlers

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To help toddlers in their balance and movement, GoNoodle is a great website for doing just that.

Through the use of fun and uplifting songs, toddlers can work on their coordination, which helps them better interact with the world around them. The more control the little ones control their movements, the more they will be able to acquire complex skills as they age.


BrainPOP is a good educational site for toddlers

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BrainPOP Jr. follows the same layout of BrainPOP but the topic is more aimed at toddlers.

Toddlers will be introduced to subjects like math, science, the arts, social studies and more, in a way they can understand. There are hundreds of interactive games for toddlers to follow, and all of them are free. And with nothing more than a few minutes, toddlers can try out different subjects in moments and play an educational game they love.

Source: The strategist, parenthood, FamilyParents

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